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GeorgeEugene King and wifeThis is the homepage of the King Family descendants of Henry King, born about 1745 in West Greenwich, Rhode Island. The picture is of George Eugene King and his wife, taken at a family reunion in 1910. All of the Kings pictured on this website are direct descendants of George. It is a place to investigate possible roots and touch base with relatives. There are links to past reunions, the family tree on the World Wide Web, the King descendant's list, handouts, updates, future plans, and an e-mail link to contact us.

1911 King Family T his is George Eugene King and his family with spouses and offspring at the family gathering in 1911. To see these Kings identified, please access this link. Please send me suggestions or comments so that I can make this page most helpful and informative to all the relevant Kings. To access the Family Tree on RootsWeb please follow the link, type in Henry King, 1745, Greenwich, RI, and scroll down to galewinkler for the most recent updated tree.The same information is available with the Family Tree link below. Please visit the Updates page and fill out the form there to keep my information up to date.



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